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All About PMS Mood Swings

Woman contemplating PMS mood swings

PMS mood swings – what do you do with all the information these feelings offer us women during that time of the month? And how does it relate to pussy power?

Celeste & Danielle tell you all about it in the 3rd episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment.


(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)

The Core of PMS Mood Swings

Celeste:  So today we’re going to talk about PMS and how it relates to Pussy Power. Why?

Danielle: Because … Celeste is PMSing!

Celeste:  Totally PMSing! My brain is not working, and I’m grumbly and pissed off. I think in our society, we have this feeling like this (PMS) is something wrong with us that we’re supposed to hide. We’re supposed to pretend this doesn’t happen. But I think it’s part of our pussy power.

If we listen! And don’t ignore it, or don’t beat ourselves up for fact that we have emotions. Because women have emotions, men have emotions, everyone has emotions! I think one of the lucky things for women in general is that we are less oppressed and repressed around our emotions than men.

But the question is – how do we embrace our full emotional self at all times?


The Rollercoaster of PMS Emotions

Danielle:  Many times, women feel very rageful in their PMS, or sad, or confused. When I have my PMS, I have this special sentence that says “I have no friends”. That’s for me the key that I probably have PMS. I say it usually while talking on the phone with Celeste… “I have NO friends! It’s horrible!”

Celeste: And I’m feeling either like “I hate everyone” or “I love everyone.”

Danielle:  When I’m PSMing, everything goes out the window. We kinda become a different part of ourselves that we don’t know.

But if we embrace it, it can really help us see “What is the knowledge we get out of it?” And – how we can reconnect with this part instead of trying to reject it? Because it’s showing up anyway – so …


Sorting out Your Feelings

Celeste: It is good to sort it out. It is a part of ourselves.  We do get it every month – for 30 years. I think the sorting we need to do is … we need to say “Okay, whatever I’m feeling – emotionally – it’s exaggerated at this time of the month.” But that doesn’t mean it’s not real.

It might be leading us to a sense of “What is it that we really need? And what needs to change in our life?” So I think it’s so serious. But we also don’t have to manage it.

Danielle: And it’s ok if you sometimes in the month feel like, “oh, I have no friends.” Call your friends! Make sure you have them.

Sometimes it’s just a call for action to find that people love you. You always need more love in your life. You need more reassurance, you need more care.

Celeste: And usually when I am on my period, or when I’m PMSing, instead of saying to them “I need more care” or “I need someone to hold me (while I cry for seemingly no reason), we say “You’ve done all those horrible things to me. How could you?”

And then the people who we need the most are feeling pushed away. They’re terrified, in the corner of the house, shaking, saying “Maybe it’ll be over soon.”


How Do We Honor Our PMS Mood Swings?

Celeste:  So if we honor our period, we can instead think: “Okay, how do I become most empowered in this time of the month?” (As opposed to just letting it take over, and getting upset with everyone else.)

We should think, “What am I probably gonna need at this time?” Not – “Maybe it’s never gonna happen again.”

It can be helpful to even just write down a list – to know what you need when you’re in that phase of your month. Also, it takes a village to take care of any human being. So think about who can you call in your village to help take care of you at that moment.

Whether you need cuddles, or need to be able to cry for no reason. Also, there’s so much shame around just crying for “no reason”. Maybe the reason we cry at that time is because it’s healthy to move emotions through our body. We need a time of release.

Because if we don’t feel and move the emotions through our bodies, we disconnect from our pussy. It can get in the way of our pussy power. And nothing must get in the way of our pussy power!


In the next video, we’re gonna talk to you about how to stay connected with your pussy power – before your period, while you’re in PMS, or in different times of the month.

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