Celeste & Danielle Offer Sex and Relationship Coaching for a Passionate, Connected and Fulfilling Life

Meet Danielle

Danielle Harel, Ph.D. is a sex therapist and relationship coach in Sunnyvale, CA. She is the co-creator of the Somatica Method – a relational and experiential body-based approach to Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching. She is the co-founder and a professor at the Somatica Institute where she trains and certifies future Somatica practitioners. Danielle has devoted the last twenty-two years to coaching and empowering couples, women and men.

She graduated with a PhD and a Doctor of Human Sexuality (DHS) degree from the IASHS in San Francisco. Danielle has a graduate degree in Clinical Social Work (MSW) and a Bachelors (BA) degree in Psychology and Educational Counseling.

In her Sunnyvale, sex therapy office, Danielle brings her passion, depth, intuition, and magnetizing personality to her coaching sessions. Harnessing her extensive training in sexology, psychology and body-based modalities including Hakomi, attachment theory, character theory and neuropatterning, she leads people into reaching their fullest personal and sexual potential. Danielle is particularly talented in helping her sex therapy clients release shame and accept themselves fully. She offers her clients a unique, experiential and powerful process to transform their relationships, create deep and loving connections and live their lives passionately.

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