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Coming Together – Available on Amazon Now!

Coming TogetherEmbracing Your Core Desires for Sexual Fulfillment and Long-Term Compatibility

Fast-paced, full of real-life examples, inspiring and educational, Coming Together invites you to discover and accept who you are as a sexual person.

Renowned sex and relationship coaches Danielle Harel Ph.D. and Celeste Hirschman M.A have worked with thousands of people over the past 15 years, helping them thrive in their sexual lives. Their Somatica Method – a boldly interpersonal, experiential practice – challenges the one-size-fits-all solutions of other coaching methods and society’s messaging.

In their new book Coming Together, they walk you down the path of finding your unique needs, overcoming sexual dysfunction, and enhancing your compatibility with your partner. Best of all – you get the tools to teach your partner what you want to feel from sex, as well as what you want to do during sex. Take the leap and start your intimate journey to the profound sexual connection you’ve always dreamed of today.

Through This Book You Will:

  • Find out what makes sex hot – it’s not what you think!

  • Learn how hot sex can cure men’s, women’s and couple’s top sexual dysfunctions (including ED, low desire, sexless marriage, and porn dependence)

  • Share your desires with your partner in a way that will increase intimacy without pressure

  • Celebrate each other’s desires as a way to increase intimacy

  • Gain tools for teaching your partners how to really turn you on

  • Increase compatibility through bridging and/or turn-taking



Give this book as a gift to your partner,  friends and loved ones (including yourself)!

Download and read the Intro Chapter for free now! 

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