Sex and Relationship Coaching for a Passionate, Connected and Fulfilling Life

Sex Coaching for Men

We have so much compassion for you because we know how complicated women can be. This is why we have developed a system that will help you understand women and what they really want. We will give you honest feedback and real-time experiences to make you relaxed and confident when you are dating, seducing and having long-term relationships with women. In sessions tailored to your individual concerns, you will learn everything you need to know about women and sex.

Learn how to:

  • Project your confident, attractive self
  • Use a flexible seduction toolbox to meet women’s wide-ranging and shifting sexual needs
  • Come to every encounter from a place of relaxation, playfulness and comfort
  • Overcome shame and inhibition
  • Demonstrate your sexual expertise from the very first look
  • Get the most out of every second of your sexual and intimate experiences
  • Understand women’s desires, nonverbal communication, and thought processes
  • Know what women mean by words like “communication,” “intimacy,” and being “emotionally available.”
  • Arouse women’s sexual psyche and her body and give her amazing orgasms
  • Follow your desires as a way to deepen women’s sexual pleasure
  • Overcome sexual dysfunction including Erectile Dysfunction and Premature Ejaculation

What to Expect

In your sex coaching and sex therapy sessions you will find out what holds you back and gain the practical tools to get exactly what you want through:

  • Experiential learning – practice is the only pathway to body-based learning, you can’t learn to play baseball from talking or reading a book
  • Real-time feedback – you only improve if you are given honest, straightforward feedback about how you come across as well as tools for improvement
  • Identification and transformation of unhelpful habits – humans are very habitual, but, as Einstein said, the definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” We will help you find freedom from your habits so you can get the results you want

Find out what women will never tell you about what they want in bed

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Prepare for your session:

  • Read Cockfidence: The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to be and Driving Women Wild.
  • Download our audio programs: Master your Ejaculation, Face Your Erectile Dysfunction and  Confidence Breath

“There is no way to learn something as good as actually doing it with supportive feedback.”

San Mateo, CA

"When I came to see you, you were so gentle and supportive. I never once felt judged or diminished in your presence. In fact, you were like a guiding light that opened me up and allowed me to be filled with the feminine compassion that I was so very hungry for.

What I learned from you in time was to feel more self satisfied and less hungry. I learned the ways I behaved to keep myself from being nourished and happy and began to change long-standing patterns.
What I remember most were the incredible conversations that reframed the way I looked at male/female relationships. The fact that you were willing to put yourself on the line, do intense role-playing and experiential work and stay fully present and engaged no matter how angry or hurt I felt, was what made all of the difference for me. It allowed me to actually take what I learned from you and begin to practice it in relationship with my wife."

San Francisco, CA

“I can’t believe no one ever gave me this information about women before. I went home and practiced with my partner and we had more passionate sex than we’ve ever had.”

Palo Alto, CA

“Just had to send you an update... I kissed her last night. 🙂 You were so right. And to think that I wanted to pull back because I thought she wasn't attracted to me. It's a good thing that I was in the right frame of mind after talking to you, so that I could react positively to her. I think it made all the difference. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!”

Mountain View, CA

"I believe I have successfully graduated. My wife and I went away over the weekend and I rocked her world. Finally! Success! She said she had waves of orgasm during intercourse that she had never experienced. She noted how engaged and present I was during our lovemaking. She can hardly wait to do it again. Thank you so much for all your help!"

Richmond, CA

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