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Celeste and Danielle are the authors of the books Coming TogetherMaking Love Real and Cockfidence, and the creators of the Somatica Method, and founders of the Somatica Institute. They train professionals from around the world in the Somatica Method and are leading experts on the topics of sex and relationship.


Work with Celeste and Danielle

Celeste & Danielle are focused on training practitioners and supporting people in personal growth and transformation in their 6-month intensive training. In this training, you will practice deep, authentic intimacy and reclaim and celebrate your erotic self.

Danielle & Celeste invite you to work with us

Work with a Certified Somatica Practitioner

Celeste and Danielle have been training and certifying Somatica Practitioners, teaching them to work with clients in the method. This has transformed so many people’s sex lives and relationships. You can fill out a coaching request today to be referred to a Somatica practitioner in your area. These practitioners provide ongoing coaching to support you in all of your sex and relationship goals. Many of them work over the phone, Zoom or in person. Practitioner’s fees range from $125 to $225 for a 75-minute session.

Check out our Referral List of Somatica Practitioners by location or by expertise and choose the coach that is right for you!

Get a Taste of the Work – Take an Audio Class

If you want to start right away on getting more in touch with your sexual energy and learn skills around sexual mastery, you can download one of Celeste and Danielle’s audio classes.

You can also check out what a Somatica Session looks like by watching our YouTube series, Somatica Sessions. Or, watch videos of our free webinars and special topics at our Celeste & Danielle YouTube channel.

Speaking Engagements and Media Inquiries

Celeste and Danielle are leading experts in the field and bring a unique, cutting edge view to sex and relationship-related issues. They are available for media appearances on TV, radio and podcasts as well as speaking engagements. They are also always happy to help as experts with advice via email or phone interviews for articles or books.

For press and media inquiries click here.

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