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Celeste & Danielle Offer Sex and Relationship Coaching for a Passionate, Connected and Fulfilling Life

Sex Therapy for Men, Women and Couples

Whatever your concern – sexless or intimacy-deprived relationships, early ejaculation, low sexual desire, or erectile dysfunction – we can help. We work with both individuals and couples in our sex therapy practice in San Francisco to address your biggest challenges in sex, relationships and dating. Through the experiential and practical Somatica Method we’ve created, you will discover what you really want around sex, intimacy and relationship – and move past whatever is holding you back so you can go out and get it!

Sex Coaching For Men

Experience confidence, a sense of personal power, comfort and acceptance of yourself and your desires. Overcome erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Understand women’s sexual desires and emotions so you can be an amazing lover and partner.

Find Out What Women Will Never Tell You

Sex + Intimacy Coaching For Women

Get in touch with your deepest emotional and sexual desires. Overcome a low sex drive and address sexual dysfunction. Practice empowered dating to get you the partner you deserve who trusts, respects, and desires you! Find the spark in your relationships for deeper intimacy and satisfaction.

3 Sure-fire Steps to Getting What You Want in Relationships

Sex Therapy For Couples

Learn effective communication to reconnect emotionally and deepen intimacy. Discover and bridge your different desires. Avoid cheating or recover from an affair. Revitalize your sexless marriage, learn how to keep sex alive and exciting in a long term relationship, and find thrilling new ways to enhance your sex life.

Discover 3 Tools to Help You Connect with Your Partner

Check Out Our Sex Therapy Books

Coming Together Sex Therapy Book

Coming Together

Coming Together is an in-depth exploration into what turns you on and why. Understanding these Core Desires is the key to overcoming sexless marriage, regaining the spark, and solving low desire and ED. Have the sex you’ve always fantasized about!

Making Love Real

Making Love Real

This book reveals the secrets to lasting passion and emotional connection in your relationships. In these pages, you will learn the tools of deep, effective communication and profoundly fulfilling sex.



Learn how to bring women to the heights of their erotic and orgasmic potential. Find your personal power, clarify who you are and what you want in your life, and have mind-blowing sex and passionate connections with women.

Upcoming Workshops & Trainings

Experience tremendous personal growth, self-awareness, and fulfilling sex and relationships by joining our Somatica Core Training.

This 6-month training takes you on a personal journey where you discover who you are as a sexual and emotional being. The power of group work is that it offers you multiple mirrors to reflect gently and lovingly so you can transform old, intimacy-blocking patterns. You will find yourself moving beyond shame, fully embracing yourself and your partner(s), and engaging with the world around you in a more present, loving, and connected way. Join us today!

Recent Sex Blog Posts

Breastfeeding and Sex

Congratulations, new mama! So, you’ve brought home your baby. Life is blissfully happy. But – what about sex? Sex?! What’s that? Do breastfeeding and sex even belong in the same sentence?

Pregnancy Sex – Safety & Benefits

Pregnancy sex – is it safe to have it? What are the benefits? And what’s happening to your sex drive? We break it down for you.

How to Rebuild a Relationship after Cheating

Knowing how to rebuild a relationship after cheating for the long term can be challenging. We guide you through the essential steps.

6 Steps to Overcoming Body Image Issues

Do you often feel like something is wrong with your body? And because of that, do you walk through the…

It’s Fine Until it Isn’t: How to Reconcile a Relationship during Times of Stress

Your partner’s differences are all fine and well. That is UNTIL they cause you discomfort, or you feel the way they are handling something is wrong. So how do you reconcile a relationship during times of stress – such as this coronavirus pandemic?

How To Give a Compliment – and Accept One (Without Slapping His Face)

Receiving compliments can be difficult for some people. Equally – no one’s ever really taught how to give a compliment either. Learn the two ways – by way of a real-life reader experience.

The Intimacy Honeymoon Phase

Everyone knows about the honeymoon phase in relationships. It is the emotional and sexual intensity that happens right after meeting someone new – and the loss of it after the early thrall of passion subsides. Much rarer is a good discussion around what happens to intimacy as couples move from short-term connection to longer-term relating. Why does the honeymoon phase always eventually fade, and what can you do to get it back and make it a sustained part of your relationship?

Tips for a Successful Relationship? There is No Right Way

Looking for fool proof tips for a successful relationship? Then start by realizing there is no right or wrong way to have a relationship. We give you our top 4 tried and tested ways though to build and keep a loving relationship.

3 Essential Steps You Can Take (Right Now) to Improve Your Relationship

Looking for ways to improve your relationship? Learn about 3 easy but essential tools you can use right now to improve communication and your sex life.

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