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Read Celeste & Danielle’s Sex Blog – and get advice on how to have better sex, forge deeper relationships, and improve your dating from the experts.

breathwork and pleasure
Breathwork and Pleasure

Breathwork is a powerful tool to increase our vitality – and our pleasure.

Learn how different breathing techniques can boost your bliss.

Orgasmic Birth: Pleasure or Pain?

What is orgasmic birth? What are the benefits of the birthgasm experience? Can you use an orgasm to induce labor?

Here are all the thought-provoking details you ever wanted to know.

A cervical orgasm love story
A Cervical Orgasm Love Story

Recently, we received a wonderfully heartwarming story from a man whose partner experienced a clitoral injury early in life, but is able to have amazing cervical orgasms with him.

With his permission to post anonymously, we wanted to share their journey with you. Perhaps some of their experiences and our suggestions will inspire you to explore your own cervical pleasure.

Couple having sex after giving birth
Sex After Birth: Everything You Need to Know

Congrats! You’ve made it through your pregnancy with an intact sex life. However – having sex after giving birth is probably the last thing on your mind.

At some point, you and your partner might be wondering though… when is it safe to start having sex again? And what if it’s painful?

We’ll guide you.

Breastfeeding and sex don't always jive
Breastfeeding and Sex

Congratulations, new mama! So, you’ve brought home your baby. Life is blissfully happy. But – what about sex? Sex?! What’s that? Do breastfeeding and sex even belong in the same sentence?


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