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Relationship Coaching

There is so much love and intimacy available in the world and in your relationship and we want you to have it all! As women, we are given such negative messages about relationships. You’re told that you are not valued if you are not in one or, that a relationship is supposed to make you happy all the time. The messages are even worse about sex. You are told that it is not for you and that it is dangerous or unimportant. It’s no wonder that women often feel lost and discouraged about navigating dating, sex and relationships. We know that it is possible to overcome this negative messaging and have an empowered life full of deeply fulfilling relationships and sexual experiences that will touch your deep needs and will make you want more. We want to help you get what you need in every area of your life!

In our sex therapy and relationship coaching sessions, we offer ourselves to you as mentors – women who have walked the long and winding path of owning our lives and our sexuality, of being true to who we are and building lasting loving and passionate relationships. We have also made a lifetime study, both academic and personal, about the way relationships and sexuality work. We know you can have all you want out of sex and relationships and we will show you how. Getting in touch with your desires, asking for what you want, and finding out what’s in it for you can also help you get what you want in every aspect of your life from career to family to personal growth. If you are already in a relationship, we can help you make it so much more connected and fulfilling and we can also help if you are out there navigating the world of dating.

Keep Your Relationship Alive

Of course you want to have an amazing relationship. Through our work with thousands of men, we know that men also want to have a fulfilling and engaged relationship. We want you to know the secrets of what keeps relationships alive and keeps couples fully engaged and connected. What we know about men is that they want to have women in their lives who are clear about their needs, communicative in a loving way and who want to connect with them sexually from a place of true enjoyment and ownership of their sexuality. We want to help you find the joy, freedom and sexiness that comes from being vulnerable, open, receptive and deeply engaged with yourself and your partner so that you can continue to learn and grow and love each other.

“For the first time I have been away on travel in the four and a half years I have known my husband, we talked for about an hour and he said, this is the FIRST time I have talked with you on the phone and I did not feel like ending the call! This has always been an issue for us, I feel I am talking and he does not want to connect, but I realized I talk about the to do list (what he is or is not getting done back home), he feels criticized, wants to get off the phone, I feel rejected, you get the picture! I realized I was using the to do list as a strategy to connect, not very seductive!”

San Rafael, CA

In Somatica sex therapy and relationship coaching sessions you will:

  • Reconnect with your feelings of confidence, connection and love
  • Get in touch with what you want in all areas of your life
  • Learn to communicate effectively so your partner will listen and feel generous
  • Move beyond low desire and find out what’s in sex for you
  • Learn to create the relationship you want

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