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Why Orgasms Are Good For You

orgasms good for you

An Orgasm is Good For You!  As if there was not enough reasons to give yourself (many!) orgasms, now there’s a few more. Lower tension and  blood pressure, better sleep, and even less cravings and addictive behaviors. This article does have some slightly inaccurate info on non-clitoral orgasms, and the differences in feelings that come from clitoral vs. G-Spot orgasms – to be clear, even when you are having both your clitoris and G-spot stimulated at the same time, you can generally tell whether your orgasm is more centered in the clitoris or G-Spot, because you can feel where the sensation originates (externally vs. internally). Also, clitoral orgasms generally feel like a building of centralized tension followed by a release, while G-Spot orgasms usually feel more like waves spreading throughout the whole body (and often through the throat which is why they can be quite loud). Science may be able to identify what a particular orgasm does or it’s mechanism for progressing, but ultimately, you know what feels good to your body.  We encourage you to explore your body, do what feels good, and do your own research — not just into your orgasm, but into all the ways you feel pleasure!

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Wow! Terrific info on the health benies of orgasms as well as the difference between a clitoral and G-spot orgasm. The best tip of all is to find out what works best for you – wheeee! That’s an assignment all women need to take some time off for – and explore. Thanks! Ande

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