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Why Fake It?

fake it

To often we come across articles that talk about women faking orgasm. Our hope is that women will stop faking it and start learning how to give themselves orgasm to then teach their partners how to give them orgasms. Yes, it can be a bit complicated and it can take some time and extra stimulation, but if we continue to let men think that just jumping to intercourse after a few kisses and squeezes is going to work, we all miss out, even men, who actually really want to please their partners! Stop faking and start exploring. Got some tips on how you’ve trained a partner into getting you off? We would love to hear it in the comments.

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Since getting divorced, I have let go of a lot of my inhibitions. With my new boyfriend, he has seen me masturbate and is totally open to suggestions. That is HUGE for me….to be with someone who cares and wants to learn what works for me. Makes me not able to get enough of him 😉

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