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What is all the fuss about vibrators?


Vibrators, what is all the fuss about vibrators? The bottom line is that most women, even if they love penetration and other types of vaginal stimulation, still need some good, focused clitoral stimulation to be able to orgasm. Many women need LOTS of clitoral stimulation to come. But, many women are afraid to bring vibrators to the bedroom. Here are some common reasons why women deny themselves this pleasurable treat:

  • They are afraid that they might hurt their partner’s ego, fearing he might be thinking “Does this mean that I am not a good enough lover?”
  • They fear that something is wrong with them if they need a vibrator to come, so they are willing to forgo orgasms during sex or only have them occasionally.
  • They feel (or fear that their partners will feel) that vibrators are not “NATURAL”.
  • They are afraid that they will become addicted to vibrators and not be able to have orgasms through other sexual experiences

In response, here are some of our personal and professional thoughts about vibrators:
Using a vibrator during sex is as natural as eating with a fork or spoon, if we still did everything “naturally,” we’d be living in caves eating raw meat and berries. In the age of electricity and batteries, why not use some BUZZ to make our sex lives more fulfilling? The fact is, we refer to vibrators as man’s best friend in bed (the dog may not be much help here)! When using a vibrator’s you can also use your hands, fingers, cock, tongue and your words to drive her wild, and with the vibrator’s help she can enjoy many orgasms instead of focusing all attention to squeeze one little one out, or worse, to fake one. As for the fear that vibrators might be addictive… studies have shown that this simply is not the case.

Here is what a couple of our women clients said after we helped them embrace their vibrators:

“I now officially love vibrators and am going to tell everyone who will listen—i had the fuck of my life last night— i pulled out that Hitachi, proud as a new mother!”


“I just had to tell you – I *just* ordered my first vibrator (okay, THREE!) online – Hooray!!!! 🙂
THANKS for helping to inspire me to get over my silly inhibitions and fears and to do what will bring me pleasure and joy in this life – What a blessed thing! Your workshop truly was inspiring, healing, empowering, and *just* what I needed in my life right now…. I’m committed to giving my pussy the love she deserves (and being sure she gets what she needs from my man as well!). HOORAY for that… Of course, even more importantly, I’m committed to giving my body and soul what it needs, feeding the goddess in me… But – the pussy is the source of the life-force (where babies come from after all!) – “The pussy is the path.” 😉
Love you both!!!”

We invite you to try it out yourself and let us know what you think….


Danielle and Celeste

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I am so glad you were able to sum up what we talk to our clients about everyday! I love your fork & spoon reference- that is such a succinct way to get across the point that Vibes are not “unnatural”

Thanks for the awesome blog!

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