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Have you ever wanted to know what secretly goes on in the minds of two sex and intimacy coaches? In this blog we are going to expose the ins and outs of passion, sexual excitement, intimacy, erotic power, sensuality and ecstasy. Our deepest purpose is for you to discover and experience the heights of your sexual potential and to live your life fully in every moment. We do it by diving into life and savoring it like tasting our favorite foods or the rush of a rollercoaster ride. In service of this goal, we will share with you personal stories, tips and tricks, anonymous success stories of individuals and couples with whom we’ve worked (with their consent, of course!) and so much more. We would love your comments, questions, ideas and feedback. Don’t wait another moment watching your life happen from afar, take a leap of faith and dive right in, the water is divine…

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Wow, I’ve been looking for a blog like this, and from what I’ve read this definitely has potential.

I’ve stumbled upon it through Good Vibes’s site. Given that I plan to move to the Bay next year and that my sexuality is something that I need to confront, I feel as if I can learn and grow here.

I’m a 43 year-old black male. While I’ve had some intimate experiences, they have been very few. It’s been seven years since I’ve even had an intimate kiss, and I know that I’m not bad looking for my age. I have uncertainties and issues, and I hope that in time through the experiences, stories and advice from others, that I will grow as a being who can feel confident enough to give all of himself in intimate and sexual ways, and have fun and enjoyment on levels that’s hard to imagine now.

So thanks again for this; I’m really looking forward to embarking on this journey.

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