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Taking a Ride on the G-Twist


I (Celeste) recently became a Brand Ambassador for Good Vibes. “What is that?” you ask. It means that once a month, GV sends me a brand new toy and I have the backbreaking task of reviewing it. I know, my life sucks, right? This month, it was a Blue G-Twist from Good Vibrations, which appears to come in 5 other delectable colors as well. Appearance-wise it is only attractive if you have a particular affinity for the Caterpillar from Alice in Wonderland, though the G-Twist is six inches and, if memory serves, the Caterpillar was “exactly 3 inches tall”. At first I was skeptical since I have always preferred finger-thrusting across my g-spot which generally likes lots of pressure. Amazingly, however, since my G-spot continues to get more and more sensitive (I used to be a clit girl but now so many of my orgasms are combination orgasms originating in my G-spot), using a vibrator for my G-spot was very pleasurable, and, with some clitoral stimulation at the same time, I had some wonderful orgasms. One of the more lovely surprises my new little blue friend offered was when I rotated it inside my pussy so that the curved end was pointed down towards my asshole. This in combination with some clitoral stimulation was definitely orgasmic. I tried the vibration on my cervix, but it is a little wide at the base to put that far in and the vibration on my cervix was a bit too much. Of course, having been a clit girl for so long, I had to try it on my clit. Because of the soft, thick material that is used, it is a pretty light vibration. If you are used to the Magic Wand like I am it might not be strong enough, though I managed to get it to do the trick. The only real problems I had with it was that the dial controlling the speed is round so, unless you are paying close attention you can go right passed the high speed and back down to low again. Overall, I’d say if you are already a G-spot girl or you like or want to experiment with some anal vibration, this would be a great toy for you. If you aren’t a G-spot girl yet, it’s never too late! Give us a call and we’ll help you locate and learn how to develop her!

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Hi, I hope this is not out of line but if a guy comes in for a session, would he have an orgasm?

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