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Our Upcoming Book – Chapter 5


We continue our blog-per-week from a chapter in our upcoming book, in which we write about the 9 qualities that will allow men to reclaim their sense of power, understand and express their sexual desires, drive women wild sexually, and maintain their personal sense of freedom.  Passion is the fifth quality and the fifth chapter – here is a brief excerpt:

— Chapter 5 – Passion —

Men rarely have a chance to develop a true enjoyment of their own desire as an essential part of their masculinity. Early on, you were given messages from parents, friends, television, religious institutions and schools about both men’s and women’s sexuality. As boys, you probably got the message, at least covertly, that men are sexual and that this sexuality is a natural, animalistic drive. At the same time, you may have gotten the message that this drive is overpowering, wrong, and dangerous and that you have to learn how to temper and control it. In other situations, you may have been given the message you should go out and exercise this drive as much as you want to. You should, “sew your wild oats” and “play the field.”

At the same time, both you and the girls around you were told that girls are not really sexual people, and men are often told that their sexual drive will not be received or reciprocated by women. In your own life, the combination of these two messages – that boys have an overpowering, animalistic sexuality and that girls are basically without a sexual drive – most likely led you to feel at least some level of discomfort with your sexuality. At worst, it caused you to lose touch with your own sexual power and confidence in your desires.

Your desire for women, sex, and pleasure are the most natural desires you have – they are built in to your body in order for the species to survive. However, often when men feel desire and they have been told that it is wrong, the desire makes them anxious. As soon as it arises, they feel like they have to DO something about it.

The next time you see a gorgeous woman that you want to have sex with, try standing up straight, taking a deep breath, and feeling your desire flow through your body. Feel how good it feels that you still have this desire in your body; it means that you are alive and inspired, it is really not about her and there is nothing to DO about it…

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Greetings from Sydney. Thanks for the useful info. I’m doing a project at uni and your content was quite useful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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