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Our Upcoming Book – Chapter 2

This week we continue a blog-per-week from each chapter in our upcoming book – and today we offer you a sneak peek at Chapter 2. In this book we help men learn the 9 qualities that you must possess in order to reclaim your sense of power, understand and express your sexual desires, drive women wild sexually and maintain your personal sense of freedom.  Acceptance is the second quality and the second chapter:

—– Chapter 2 – Acceptance —–

In their purest form anger and sadness are positive emotions with essential information about how you want to live your life. People think of sadness and anger as negative emotions because they make us feel uncomfortable, but it is this discomfort that is emotion’s greatest gift. The discomfort of anger or sadness says “something needs to change.” When men avoid these so-called “negative” emotions, they build up, get stuck and transform into rage, resentment, depression, resignation and hopelessness and no change can occur.
Sometimes, if you have been sitting in these secondary emotions for a while, they begin to feel like home. In fact, they have developed as a way to protect you, a safety zone from which you do not need to try to connect. In order to experience power and intimacy, you must move through these, back to anger or sadness. Delving into these emotions will unleash your confined energy, transforming it into motivation, power, attraction, passion and creativity

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“These secondary emotions start to feel like home…” — I think I’ve built a castle with a large moat around them, looking forward to reading about how I tear down the walls and get back to my power

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