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How to Rebuild a Relationship after Cheating

How to rebuild a relationship after cheating

Applying a short-term, emergency fix to a relationship that has been marred by infidelity is one thing. Knowing how to rebuild a relationship after cheating for the long term is a whole different animal.

Statistics of Cheating: How Many Couples Stay Together After an Affair?

First off, it can be helpful to know the statistics of cheating. How many relationships recover after infidelity? And what’s the percentage of couples who stay together?

According to research from the Institute for Family Studies, the divorce statistics after infidelity in the U.S. are 40% . This means the percentage of couples who stay together is about 60%. Overall, affairs are responsible for 20-40% of divorces. 

Statistics of cheating - divorce rates and infidelity

How to Move Forward after Cheating

To rebuild a relationship after cheating, it’s imperative to be very conscious of your partner’s needs and feelings. Remember – people may need very different kinds of reassurance and understanding after an affair. 

If you are the person who has been cheated on, you may need:

  • Lots of loving, reassuring touch like hugs and cuddles
  • Romantic gestures to show that you are important to the person
  • Time without pressure to reconnect physically or sexually
  • Words of reassurance: that your partner desires you, cares about your feelings, etc.
  • The Space to process when feelings of insecurity re-emerge
  • Sexual connection
  • Consciously shared time, with lots of presence or eye-contact

If you are the person who has cheated, you may need:

  • The sense that your partner still thinks you are still a good person
  • Reassurance that their trust is returning (if it is)
  • Loving touch like hugs and cuddles
  • Sexual connection
  • Understanding 
  • Special time with lots of presence or eye-contact
  • Words of reassurance that you are not leaving them (if you are not)
How to move forward after cheating

What Promotes Security in a Relationship? 

Relationships where two people are more securely attached to begin with have a greater chance of surviving an affair.

To have security in a relationship you need these 7 things:

  1. The sense that your partner listens and responds when you make a bid for connection or share something that you feel is important to you.
  2. Awareness of each other’s feelings and empathy towards each other – knowing your partner is connected to you when you are feeling loving or painful emotions.
  3. A sexual connection where each of you feel seen, accepted in your desires, and satisfied by the experiences.
  4. Knowing your partner supports you in your dreams and goals. They have your back when you are putting yourself out there in the world in pursuit of these goals.
  5. The awareness that you are each other’s family and are committed to staying connected, regardless how your relationship structure may change over time.
  6. The feeling that your family (or chosen family) and community supports your relationship and will be there to help you through challenging times.
  7. Finally, it can be helpful to your bond if you have mutual interests you share and enjoy together.

Rebuilding a Relationship is Easier with Help

It can be much more manageable to rebuild a relationship after cheating if you have someone who helps you through the barriers. Many excellent resources and books offer in-depth advise and guidance too.

But working with a Somatica sex and relationship coach is an effective way to learn how to communicate in a productive fashion, rebuild intimacy, and build a deeper, more profound connection with your partner.

If you’d like to explore professional help from a relationship coach, you can find one in this directory.

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