Recovering from an Affair

How to Avoid CheatingWe get many couples in our sex therapy and relationship coaching practice hurting and angry as a result of an affair. Often both partners are feeling ashamed, not understanding how it happened to them, and not knowing what went wrong in their relationship. We can help you with recovering from an affair and create a deeper connection with your partner while doing so.

In our sex coaching and relationship coaching practice, we see people who are beaten down by an affair or multiple affairs, who feel like an affair is the end of the road and that there is no way back from it. Our culture emphasizes that an affair is the unforgivable sin of relationships and encourages people to not forgive affairs to avoid future pain. The fact is that affairs happen and often there is still so much love, connection, and family feeling in the relationship that it is worth continuing.

In Somatica sex therapy and relationship coaching session, we can help you understand why it happened to you and your partner and what the affair has to teach you about your needs. We can help you recover from the hurt of the affair and connect on a more intimate level. Affairs happen for many reasons (read why people have affairs). You can recover from an affair and develop a deeper sense of who you are and what you need and who your partner is and what they need. While affairs hurt, they do not need to be the end of your relationship, but an invitation to a different and deeper connection with your partner.

In Somatica Sex Therapy and Relationship Coaching Sessions You Will:

  • Understand why the affair happened
  • Overcome the shame of the affair
  • Heal together from the hurt of the affair
  • Understand what you need in your relationship and how to ask for it
  • Be able to be vulnerable and see your partner more clearly
  • Learn to accept yourself and your partner for who you are
  • Make your contract transparent so you can see and evaluate unspoken agreements

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