LGBT Affirmative Therapy for Lesbian & Bisexual Women

Lesbian, Queer and Bi WomenThe path to discovering, nurturing and fulfilling your sexual identity and desires is challenging enough to those within a society that fosters opposite-sex relationships. It can be even more so when you grow up in a society that does not accept your sexual desires. Enter – LGBT Affirmative Therapy.

Regardless of how you travel down this path, we believe you should always celebrate your journey and continue towards a place of total fulfillment. We welcome you to LGBT affirmative therapy for lesbians, queer and bisexual women – a place where you can work on yourself with the support and understanding of experienced and empathetic coaches.

We begin from within, taking you into your body, where you will find a grounded peace that only embodiment can give.  Eventually, we will touch on all aspects of your relationships –  from understanding and expressing your erotic desires, to strengthening communication. From finding healing for your wounds and past traumas, to finding the full expression of your erotic potential.


We also offer couple’s coaching so that you can have the most fulfilling, romantic and erotic connection possible. We help you communicate through difficult topics and build long-term communication strategies with your partner so that your relationship will become more loving and connected and stay that way. We also offer body-based sessions where you learn to give and receive beautiful touch, communicate your physical desires, and have and give incredible pleasure and orgasms.

What to Expect

In the first sex therapy and relationship coaching session we will talk about your thoughts, feelings and experiences around sexuality and intimacy and identify your desires around coaching. We will then make a plan for how we will work together and possibly begin some of the foundational experiential work that is a part of all our coaching. In ongoing sessions we use talk, breath, role-play, and unique body-based approaches to support you in meeting all your desires.

We look forward to supporting you in creating the sexual, intimate and inspired life you desire!

Prepare for Your Coaching Session:

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