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You are Already Perfect

you are perfect

We are so tired of the phrase “sexual dysfunction,” particularly when it is used to describe women who have not yet experienced their first orgasm. Here’s what we want you to know: you are not broken and you are not alone! Both women’s and men’s sexuality are truly extraordinary and multi-faceted and so often they are simply boiled down to whether or not we can come, how often and with what kinds of stimulation (i.e. with a vibrator or without a vibrator – for more on this check out our vibe blog). Yet, this is just one small part of our potential sexual joy and our sensuality. When we focus on it as a problem that needs to be fixed, we begin to lose the truth of ourselves, that, at our core, all women are sensuous goddesses whose bodies can experience sensation and pleasure and whose hearts can experience passion and connection. There are ways to learn to orgasm and we help many women have their first orgasm, however, this process begins with a return to your own desires, and a return to the knowledge that you are already a perfect, luscious and yes, sexual being with or without this particular set of muscle spasms.

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