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What gives us pleasure – Danielle


I was pretty stormy today…very emotional…in a way that only women can be. I almost forgot that I just came back from a relaxing weekend in Harbin Hot Springs that rejuvenated me and replenished my energy. I sat in front of the computer trying to answer some emails and move along with the day…nothing happened! I was sitting there biting my nails and then I remembered Celeste’s glowing face after she made a list of some of the things that give her pleasure, and decided to give it a try…so…what gives me pleasure is…

  • Being heard and understood
  • A good, warm hug
  • A good cry or emotional release
  • Seeing people transform and accept themselves right in front of my eyes
  • Soaking in a deep, warm pool and feeling my breasts float, partly exposed to the cool air
  • Dipping in a hot pool and then cold and hot over and over again and noticing how my body moves from tension and resistance to complete surrender, from surrender to fullness, and from fullness to joy and laughter – YES
  • Coming to a place where I embrace my imperfections and say the hell with it
  • Sunbathing in the nude and feeling the sun spread on my skin from my face to my neck to my belly to my pussy and between my legs
  • Cuddling with my partner and watching a movie
  • Having deep, connected, slow, intense, synchronized sex – being penetrated to the depth of my soul and being held there…
  • Submitting to my desire when I feel horny, and initiating hot impatient sex
  • Dipping good chocolate in hot cafe latte, and licking it slowly allowing it to melt in my mouth
  • Eating food slowly when I am hungry
  • Watching my kids cooperate and take care of each other
  • Cuddling and laughing with my kids
  • Asking for what I want
  • A good massage given by a talented masseur
  • Spreading my body naked in bed after a long day, and feeling the softness of the sheets caress my body
  • Feeling my nipples get erect, and feeling arousal and aliveness spread in my body when it has nothing to do with sex

While typing I allowed myself to really embody the experience, I noticed how my body became relaxed, filled with joy, expanded, and felt more alive and aroused…
I can’t wait to get some inspiration from you all and find out what gives you pleasure…


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