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What gives us pleasure – Celeste


Sometimes when we walk through our day to day lives, we forget to check in and see if we are even enjoying ourselves. Because Danielle and I believe so deeply in the importance of living a pleasure-filled life, we often play a game with ourselves called, “What Gives Me Pleasure” where we take five minutes to list everything we can think of RIGHT NOW that does or would give us pleasure. Here is my latest list, what’s on yours?

  • The slippery feeling of avocado across my tongue
  • The sound of people’s voices when they feel excited or motivated about their lives
  • Staring deeply into a persons eyes until I can see their soul glimmering through
  • Brainstorming my next crazy adventure with my family and friends
  • Being held in the strong embrace of someone who I love and who loves me
  • The smell of vanilla and rose oils
  • The way the sun feels when it hits my pussy during naked sunbathing
  • The taste of coconut butter
  • Sliding my hands along my hips and massaging my lower back
  • Stretching my arms up as high as I can reach and letting out a deep sigh
  • Lightly touching the softest part of a person’s body
  • Deeply holding the hardest part of a person’s body
  • Puer tea and everything else that tastes like the earth
  • Bellydancing and belly laughing with my sisters
  • Deep sleep with vivid dreams, bundled in the warmth of soft, fuzzy blankets
  • Historical fiction or any other fiction that makes me stop for a second and see life from a different point of view
  • Small dogs with flat or funny faces
  • The way that tropical weather makes my whole body moist inside and out
  • My mothers homemade tinctures
  • The sound of my father’s voice when he reads to me

In passion,

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