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Twerking – Moving beyond Miley Cyrus


Twerking – it is all the rage – but why? We have a natural instinct to twerk and jerk and roll our hips and moan and scream during sex. When we see someone do it, we think about sex and get turned on. When we see Miley Cyrus do it, she seems so disconnected from her authentic sexuality and does it for the sake of the performance, so people get upset. Miley’s disconnection likely comes from shame, a shame that is pervasive in our culture and shuts down our natural instincts of movement, desire and arousal. Happily, these instincts can be reawakened. If you want hot, exciting sex, you need to keep getting your body in the right position, to grind, to open your throat, to moan, to say what you want in a sexy way, to let the self-consciousness go and really get into it. It might be embarrassing at first, but we suggest you do your own form of twerking – get naked or in your sexiest outfit, turn on some sensual music, move, dance, make sexy noises, moan, touch yourself, and check yourself out in the mirror. The more you free your body, the more it will “do what comes naturally” and the hotter your sex will be. It’s a huge turn-on to move and moan and it’s hot to see and hear your lover too!

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