“Thank you for an incredible day and experience. What a wonderful gift you are delivering to the world. The models were extraordinary. The one thing I was most impressed with during the whole class was that each of them showed truly remarkable communication skills in giving feedback to various men with a wide range of skill levels in ways that gave guidance for improvement and yet could always be received as positive and encouraging rather than critical. I’m very impressed that they were both able to do that so well, as it seems to me to be such a rare and tricky skill. Just having women willing and able to be so fully comfortable in a classroom setting is unusual enough, but adding in the personal, warmly delivered feedback made it a uniquely valuable learning opportunity. You were both clear, present, and warm. I was impressed with a sense that you both genuinely care about helping people have more fulfilling lives. I loved how you were gentle and respectful with shyer guys and yet ready to meet the more confident ones with full presence. You focused on the skills needed to actually have a fulfilling sex life with a woman. Thank you for doing this work!”