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Something Meaty for the Sandwich


Ok, we know, we are skipping ahead, but we’ll get back to integrity and openness soon! Right now, all we can think about it something meaty to bite into. Hmmmmmm, maybe we’re ovulating! When we say that a love sandwich needs something meaty to bite into we mean this both concretely and metaphorically. To stay romantic and passionate, love requires a sexual connection full of flesh and fantasy, seduction and sensuality, teasing and temptation! If not all the time, at least regularly, we want to feel like our partner wants to eat us alive, ravish every part of us, or tantalize us into a state of orgasmic bliss. Metaphorically, love also requires that we  be there fully with each other with both our bodies and our minds. It means not only being present, but being fully willing to share our desires even if they are different from our partners. We have to feel our partner’s meatiness, to push up against one another, and to be willing to engage in conflict, which is always a part of being close and a pathway to deeper intimacy. So feel your meatiness right now, feel yourself as made of flesh and blood and desire and imagine savoring a big, delicious bite of love.

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