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Does Size Matter?


You can read here what one study found.

If we were to hazard a guess, we would say that about 90% of women don’t find penis size to be that important. The other 10% of women, the ones we lovingly call “size queens,” are women who need a larger size penis in order to have their best orgasms. We can’t believe that people still call non-clitoral orgasms vaginal orgasms, but they do in this article. We just want to remind you that what they call “vaginal orgasms,” we know are G-spot or cervical orgasms.

The 10%

You are G-spot oriented ladies – and you know who you are – often get more pleasure if your man has some girth (it’s nice and wide). Length, on the other hand is for you ladies who get off from your cervix. A penis can also be too big – some women have very sensitive cervices and too much pressure on them can be painful, while other women have small vaginas and can’t take an overly long or thick penis.

The 90%

Much more important than penis size, most women want to feel something emotionally from sex. We look for intense erotic energy, feeling our partner’s desire, and being passionately seduced. We want someone who is present and attentive with good technique across the board much more than just having a large penis moving in and out. If you are looking to improve your sex life, before you fall for any phony enlargement tools, find out how to be an emotionally present, powerful, and confident lover who gives great touch! Find your Cockfidence!

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