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Our Upcoming Book – Chapter 4

This week we continue a blog-per-week from each chapter in our upcoming book, in which we write about the 9 qualities that will allow men to reclaim their sense of power, understand and express their sexual desires, drive women wild sexually, and maintain their personal sense of freedom.  Generosity is the fourth quality and the fourth chapter:

—– Chapter 4 – Generosity —–

A common example of a potentially generous offering is the backrub. There are two very different ways to give a woman a backrub. The first approach is to offer a backrub as a way to get to sex. You half-heartedly kneed and rub her shoulders trying to figure out how quickly you can begin touching her butt, kissing her neck and getting between her legs.

The second approach is to give a woman a backrub because you feel generous and enjoy seeing her feel relaxed. You take your time, you notice what parts of her body respond and relax under your touch. You enjoy each stroke you are offering. If it leads to sex – great. If not – great! If it is a truly generous backrub, you will actually feel her pleasure in your own body. Both the giver and receiver can feel the same physical pleasure from the same backrub.

There are 6 steps to becoming a truly generous person:
1)    Give what you enjoy giving
2)    Know your boundaries
3)    Face conflicts
4)    Learn to say and hear “no”
5)    Pass your woman’s test
6)    Build communication and trust

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