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Are Insecurities Harming Your Relationship?

insecurities recently posted about how our insecurities can affect our relationships. We love this article because it points to one of the most important things that relationships offer us if we are willing to take a good look at ourselves (as opposed to searching outside of ourselves for answers).

Relationships are like an amazing stew where you mix together two people’s personal histories, family histories, strengths, weaknesses, inspirations and insecurities and you never know what is going to come out. As this article points out, this stew might sometimes bring to light our personal insecurities and paranoia, but they may also bring to light other hot buttons (like fear of not doing things right, or anger about how we were treated in the past). Usually, when these things are triggered, we chase after our partner, trying to get them to make us feel better or taking out our anger on them or we avoid certain kind of interactions with our partners (for fear of doing something wrong). It takes a willingness to look at yourself honestly and take responsibility for your own growth – if you do, there are HUGE POTENTIAL PAY OFFS, like healing from past hurts, breaking habits that no longer serve you, realizing there are choices you never thought of and creating relationship that actually meet your needs. The first step is simply admitting that you aren’t perfect and then looking at what riles you up…

We’d love to hear what’s cooking for you and would be happy to help! Feel free to post some comments/questions here!

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