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Imagine a World…

Imagine a World…

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine a world where the erotic is celebrated, a world in which everyone is taught that self-pleasuring is our birthright and those of us who started young or enjoy it frequently are called “erotically gifted”. Imagine a world where consensual sexuality is free from the confines of guilt or shame and let yourself feel, at least for a moment, what it would be like to grow up and live in a world of erotic revelry.

Celebrate Your Erotic Gifts…

Sit down right now and grab a pen and a piece of paper. Draw a line down the middle making two columns. Good. In one column write down  “My Erotic Gifts” and in the other write down “My Partner’s Erotic Gifts”. If you are single, the second list will be a list of the erotic gifts you desire in a partner. Here are some examples of gifts you might have in your list:

My Erotic Gifts: enjoy touching myself, adventuresome, interested in learning about sex, able to talk to my partner about what I want, in touch with all my senses.

My Partner’s Erotic Gifts: enjoys their body, touches me the way I loved being touched, suggests new sexual experiences, kisses me with passion, dances from their heart.

When you write these lists, feel free to dream! What other erotic gifts would you like to explore? What new erotic experiences would you like to have? If you want, you can do this exercise with your partner, making sure you acknowledge them for all of the erotic gifts they bring to the relationship. Remember, in this world, all of your desires are beautiful!

Sometimes the erotic gifts and desires of one partner can bring up feelings and responses in the other. We offer individual and couple’s coaching if you would like a place to share, explore and expand!

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