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The magic of love is in it’s ability to heal and intimate relationships offer all of us an amazing opportunity. When we open ourselves fully to the vulnerability of love we invite this magic into our lives. The magic happens when we soften our hearts and our defenses and admit to our fears and insecurities in front of another person and they stay and hold us and our emotions in ways we may never have been held before. Through this staying and holding, we start to unlearn all of the drama’s we witnessed and were subjected to in our childhood.

Unfortunately, so much of what we call love in our society is just a replaying of those same dramas over and over again. We play the victim or imagine ourselves the perpetrator, we push people away hoping they will chase us or chase people when we are afraid of being left. We judge or evaluate others in order to stay at a safe distance or imagine ourselves constantly judged. We blame people when we allow our boundaries to be crossed and build resentments refusing to ask for what we want (because then it “won’t count”). Sadly, so much of what we saw growing up was the drama and so much of what is depicted in movies is the drama and we often miss out on the magic of love. When we fall in love and go about replaying these dramas over and over again with a person, we lose trust and intimacy in the process. We distance and harden our hearts all the while aching to be held, to feel the magic and the softening, and to heal.

We believe in magic – the magic of love has changed our lives and continues to heal us everyday. In 2013, we want to help you find or rediscover the magic of love. Our blog entries for the beginning of the year will focus on how you can break the cycle of drama and personally take responsibility for having magical, healing relationships so that you and those you love can thrive. When you choose the magic of healing, you become an invitation for healing to those around you. This healing impacts your friends, your family and your children and is a gift to your ancestors because it breaks old, painful cycles and creates new, positive ones for future generations.

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