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How to Have the Best G Spot Orgasms

Wanna find out how to have the best G Spot orgasms? Sex coaches Celeste & Danielle teach you all about what it is, where it is, and what to expect.

Wanna find out how to have the best G Spot orgasm? Sex coaches Celeste and Danielle teach you all about what it is, where it is, and what to expect when your G Spot is being stimulated, in this 7th episode of their 9-video series on women’s empowerment. They also guide you how to develop your G Spot and how to communicate to your partner to help him/her get you there.


(Below is the slightly edited video transcript)


Where is the G Spot?

Celeste: All right, now it’s time to talk about the G-Spot.

Danielle: One of my favorites.

Celeste:  I know. I can’t wait for the cervix one though, which is my favorite.

Danielle: Or the anal, which is my favorite. People talk about the G-Spot as if it’s this thing that you either have, or don’t have. But the truth is that the G-Spot is an area in your vagina that is developable. It’s something that is getting bigger and juicier and much more alive the more direct stimulation you get on the G-Spot.

Celeste: I’m never gonna forget the first time my G-Spot was stimulated. Thank God for lesbians. When I was in college, I was in a relationship with a woman, and maybe it was the second or third time we were having sex, she put her fingers inside of me and she did “this thing”. She stimulated my G-Spot and I was like, “what is happening?” It was many years later before I learned how to incorporate that sensation into an orgasm. But the intensity of it was so powerful.


How to Develop Your G Spot

Danielle: It’s not very powerful for everyone right from the beginning, because it’s something that is possible to develop. And at the same time I don’t want you to put pressure on yourself – as if you have to have it. It’s the last and the least important thing – and least exciting to-do-stuff – if you feel pressured to do it. The G Spot, for me, is a little like the freedom spot. It needs a lot of love and attention to start to feel pleasure and respond well.

Celeste: I was a clit girl until I was in my mid-30s.

Danielle: Me too. I found my G-Spot much later in life, and I think it meant to be like that.

Celeste: Some people orgasm like that from the beginning, but that certainly wasn’t the case for me. Once I discovered there was this whole other layer of sensation, I still always needed clitoral stimulation with my G-Spot stimulation. This isn’t true for everyone – but it was certainly true for me. Fingers are the best tool for the G-Spot, because they’re nimble and they can bend. You can definitely use a dildo or a cock to get to your G-Spot, but I think it’s much more powerful if you do it with the famous come-hither.

There’s the come-hither, but there’s also the in-and-out. Your fingers are moving, but you’re also moving. That combination seems to be both the one that gets the most intensity of orgasm, but also the one that prepares me for squirting if that’s gonna happen as well. Because it like sort of pulls the juices out.

And so, the combination of that and my vibrator on my clit, like if I can have two good strong fingers in there working their magic, and the vibrator’s on my clit, and I’ve got free motion of my legs where I can bend them and squeeze them, that’s when the explosions happen.


What to Expect with G Spot Orgasms

Danielle: Let us tell you want to expect when your G-Spot is being stimulated. First, you’re gonna start feeling warmth climbing through your torso and your body, and you’re gonna start naturally to arch your back. You’re very likely to make sounds, because the pelvis and  sound are connected. It’s almost impossible to not make sound when you have G-Spot stimulation. Especially if you are close to orgasm. It takes over.

Celeste: And sometimes it’s what takes you there.

Danielle: Yeah, you really can’t help it. You make the noise and the orgasm arrives.

Sometimes you might feel a little bit competition between the G-Spot orgasm and the clitoral orgasm, because the clitoral orgasm is all about squeezing and the G-Spot is all about pushing. If you want to experience the G-Spot orgasm, you might need to let go of your vibrator for a second and just bear down. If you’re worried about peeing – don’t worry about it. You might pee, but who cares? Just make sure you have something that protects the mattress!

Celeste: When you get to that level of sensation and you feel like you’re gonna pee, that’s actually the pre-ejaculation moment. And so it’s like you push it out and that’s when the ejaculate comes squirting out, which is really fun. And again, we don’t want to create any pressure…  like you need to ejaculate. You’re not there to do party tricks. You might ejaculate, you might not. Sometimes it feels good, sometimes it doesn’t really add much for people, so it doesn’t have to be a goal. Really, it’s to find out what gives you the most pleasure and sensation.

We’re a little different in this way. You [Danielle] have to bear down for your G-Spot orgasm. Mine is really combined with clit, and so I never bear down. It’s really the squeezing.


Learn Your Pussy

Celeste: I think that’s something that we need to say over and over again — learn your pussy, learn your partner’s pussy. And don’t think “oh, this happened this way with my last partner, so it should happen this way now”. When people say that to their partners, I’m respond “nooo”. Don’t compare – every pussy’s different. And you want to fully learn and embrace the pussy that you have, and the pussy that you’re making love to.

Danielle: And your own pussy’s different at different times of the month, so the G-Spot can be a little elusive and travel around as well. For example, there are times it feels much deeper when I’m closer to bleeding. And also your desire for G-Spot stimulation is gonna change throughout the month. There will be times when you’re gonna feel like “I just don’t want to have anything inside me”. And there are times when you’re gonna feel like “yes, I need a lot of depth and width inside me”, and definitely this hooking with the fingers.


G Spot Massage

Celeste: When you first start to explore the G-Spot, you want to start with slow circular massages with the hooked fingers. Just start to tap, or you can press, or you can rub kind of slowly. And as the pleasure gets more intense, you can deepen and quicken the finger touch.

It’s surprising how hard some G-Spots can take pressure, so you want to watch your partner’s reaction. Or you want to tell your partner, “I can take it harder”, or “can you go a little deeper, more pressure, or lighter or softer, that’s too much for me”. There’s definite guidance needed with every clitoral orgasm, with G-Spot orgasm, with cervical orgasm., But definitely guide your partner to touch with the right speed and pressure.

Danielle: Don’t forget to breathe.

Celeste: And don’t forget to scream and wake your neighbors! I think when you make loud noises during sex, it inspires everyone in the neighborhood to have better sex. So be inspirational.

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