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Cockfidence 1st Quality – Presence


If you spend your entire life in your head planning and worrying about the future or reliving or regretting the past, then you don’t get the chance to know who you really are and what you really want. You also don’t get to experience the deeper connections that are possible from sex and relationships.

Another option is to live an embodied life where you are present in the moment. Living an embodied life means being connected to your senses and your emotions in the present moment. When you tune into each of your senses and feel what is happening in your body, you appreciate the fullness and satisfaction of every experience you have. Living in your body also means being aware of and making space for your emotions. While, for some, emotions feel extraneous, emotions are biologically essential for people’s survival. As social animals, humans need emotions to know what we need and communicate those needs with others. When you allow emotions to move through you instead of trying to stop them or figure them out they flow smoothly and dissolve, leaving you with a sense of lightness and freedom.

Sex, at the most basic level, is an act of physical connection, creation and creativity. Anything that takes you out of your normal, habitual daily behaviors, requires you to make physical connections and increases your creativity creates new pathways between your brain and your body that can then be strengthened and expanded upon. You may also feel this way after any activity that takes you out of your logical brain and brings you to your body and your creative force.

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