Celeste & Danielle Offer Sex and Relationship Coaching for a Passionate, Connected and Fulfilling Life

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Join us for a profound experience of personal growth that can also help you start a new career or make your practice even more fulfilling and lucrative. You can have deeper, more open, loving and fulfilling erotic and emotional connection in your life while how to help clients or the people in your life transform their sex lives and relationships in profound and powerful ways.
Attend the intro for the 2020 training on September 28th, 2019 and save $200 off of your Core Training Tuition

Core Training in the Somatica® Method

The Somatica Core Training offers an experiential, embodied, and mindful approach to sex and relationship coaching. The training can be taken for personal development to enhance your own sex and relationships and it is also a professional course offering a systematic method and a full set of tools to help you support your clients to pursue and attain their deepest emotional and sexual desires. Whether you want to enhance your current practice or change your career, Somatica will give you the tools to help your clients change unhealthy emotional patterns, overcome sexual difficulties, move beyond shame and connect with desire. You will get to feel the joy and satisfaction of transformation in your life as well as supporting clients in finding pleasure and creating the sex, relationships and personal paths that are right for them. Click below to find out all about the Somatica Core Training.

Change your life, Enhance your career

I've discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself

Somatica has been hugely transformational for me both personally and professionally.Before becoming a practitioner, I was a client who experienced very low desire and believed I was not a sexual being. I feel sadness as I remember the false beliefs I thought were true. So not true! I've discovered I am a sexual being and gained the courage and confidence to express all of myself. I also learned to be vulnerable in my relationships. Because of my own personal transformation, I decided Somatica was the work that I wanted to do in the world and I love what I do! My ongoing training in the method continues to increase my skills as a practitioner and expand my understanding of myself as a sexual being.

Dalia, Somatica Core Training, 2013
Berkeley, CA


Free Introduction to the Somatica Method

Whether you are considering taking the 2020 Somatica Core Training or simply want to gain some tools around intimacy and connection, come join us on September 28th, 2019 for a FREE Introduction to Somatica for the 2019 training.

In this free intro you will learn tools and gain insight into your own intimacy needs and desires. You will meet a community of like-minded people, share playful connection, and practice Somatica tools that you can use with your partner or clients right away. We will also introduce you to what you will get if you take the full, 6-month Somatica Core Training, show you a demonstration of the work, and answer any questions you may have. Find out more here.

The healing is profound and touches all parts of one's life

Celeste & Danielle have created a revolutionary approach to transformation. Because it dives deeply into the vulnerable and guarded realms of sexuality, the healing is profound and touches all parts of one's life. The process of being in a relationship with a practitioner while finding one's own individual humanity allows more self-love and acceptance. Leading an individual into embracing and loving the human they are, living in a world where desires can be embraced, mistakes become learning and life is a continual journey of curious exploration.

H.R, Somatica Core Training, 2012
San Francisco, CA

The Somatica Method

The Somatica Method is a practical, experiential and pleasure-based approach to sex and relationship coaching that creates profound transformation much more quickly than traditional talk-based approaches. Read more about Somatica here.