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Erectile Dysfunction – Could there be such a thing as too much impulse control?

Many men who suffer from ED suffer from an impulse control problem – not too little control, but TOO MUCH. While sexual desire is one of the most natural functions on the planet, what many men learn is that sexual desire is wrong, bad, and harmful to women. Unfortunately, these kinds of messages about sex, and especially the message that women don’t actually want sex, leave the “good guys” of the world, who want to please and don’t want to harm women, in a state of frozen impulses.

There is little that is more anxiety-provoking than stopping your natural desires over and over and over again, especially in the face of a competing internal pressure to perform and please. In our work with men, we help them to unfreeze these impulses and practice following their body’s own desires in a way that is also very pleasurable for their partners and connected with their partner’s bodies and desires. If you want to get all of the information we have on psychological ED in one place, download and listen to our Face Your Erectile Dysfunction Now! Teleclass.

As the impulses begin to free up and men stop hesitating at every turn, their erections become more reliable and lasting. We hope, if you are dealing with ED that comes from too much impulse control, that you take some time to try fix Erectile Dysfunction the natural way first!

4 Steps for Optimal Impulse Control

Step 1: Pay attention to your own sexual desires and impulses

Without any judgment as to what those desires are, notice the natural impulses that your body wants to follow in the face of those to whom you are attracted. Take some time to enjoy the aliveness in your body that comes from having those natural desires and impulses.

Step 2: Listen for the automatic messages

Notice what kinds of messages you say to yourself when you are having sexual impulses. Do you immediately question whether or not your partner wants your advances? Do you fear rejection or hurting someone by trying something new or different? Do you feel like you wait for permission for every escalation?

Step 3: Create conscious messages

Try out your own version of the following messages: “It is perfectly normal to have sexual desires.” “If my partner has chosen to be in a sexual relationship with me, it is very likely that she wants to feel my desire coming towards here” (research has shown that being desired is the top of the list in terms of what turns women on). “Just because my partner doesn’t want something I want, or doesn’t want sex right now, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want me or never wants sex.”

Step 4: Honor and follow your impulses

When you feel sexual desire or arousal, see if you can shorten the time between feeling the impulse and following it. Let your body do the thinking for you (yes, we are telling you to listen to your little brain – more on this in the next installment as well!), and seduce your partner instead of asking for permission. Follow her cues and stay at the edge of her boundaries without backing off at every slight sign of rejection, she may just be checking in with herself to see if she is feeling aroused as well. If she really isn’t interested, let her tell you directly.

When you follow your body’s natural impulses, your arousal will lead to its normal and natural outcome, a firm and lasting erection. You will feel the flow of your own desire in concert with your partner’s and share a circuit of pleasure that can build to the heights of intensity and satisfaction. Enjoy!

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