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Erectile DysfunctionCountless men suffer from Erectile Dysfunction (or ED), the inability to get a hard on or stay hard. While many drugs such as Viagra and Cialis are available to mask the symptoms, they do not deal with the underlying causes of erectile dysfunction. For some men, these drugs are not an effective solution. For others, who have medical conditions that prohibit the use of performance-enhancing drugs, there can still be help.

Treat Erectile Dysfunction Without Drugs

There are some men out there who want to fix erectile dysfunction, but simply do not want to be reliant on a drug. While we are not against drugs as one possible pathway to greater confidence, we believe starting with more natural, holistic solutions should be first. We work with many men who deal with erectile dysfunction and want you to know that, for many of you, there are alternative solutions, especially when the root of erectile dysfunction is psychological as opposed to physiological.

Psychological Erectile Dysfunction

One way to tell if you are dealing with psychological erectile dysfunction is if it is not across the board. In other words, if you feel comfortable and relaxed and have perfectly normal hard on during masturbation but cannot get hard with a partner, you are likely dealing with psychological erectile dysfunction. (Note: If you are having erectile dysfunction in all situations, even masturbation, make sure you get it checked out as it can be a sign of heart disease). We have found that psychological erectile dysfunction has at least 3 underlying roots – performance anxiety, impulse control (too much, not too little) and a functional response to a dysfunctional situation (where you have very good reasons NOT to be having sex with the person you are attempting to have it with and your penis knows better than you do).

In Somatica sex coaching and sex therapy sessions you will learn to:

  • Let go of performance anxiety through breath and erotically embodied relaxation
  • Follow through on your impulses
  • Turn women on so you get aroused by their sexual response
  • Allow your sexual desire to flow and your hard on to follow that flow
  • Engage women with your whole body instead of putting so much pressure on your penis
  • Listen to the wisdom of your penis, regardless of what your big brain is telling you

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  • Download our Psychological Erectile Dysfunction audio programs.
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