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Ejaculation Control in 8 Simple Sessions

Ejaculation Control in 8 Simple Sessions10 million men suffer from early ejaculation and would like to have more control over their ejaculation timing. Left unaddressed, early ejaculation can lead to shame, erectile dysfunction (ED), and relationship stress and it greatly decreases your pleasure potential. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see the extraordinary effects that embodied learning can have on your sexual mastery.

In 8 simple ejaculation control sex therapy and sex coaching sessions, we offer rapid results by teaching you research-proven, body-based and straightforward techniques that will move you from a minute-man to the master of your orgasm!

What to expect in your ejaculation control coaching sessions

  • Fast results – our experience is that in 8 sessions you can actually gain control and reap life-long benefits
  • Experiential learning – practice is the only pathway to body-based learning, you can’t learn to play baseball from talking or reading a book
  • Real-time feedback so you can identify and change unhelpful habits as they are happening

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Prepare for your session:

  • Download our Master your Ejaculation audio programs.
  • Read Cockfidence: The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to be and Driving Women Wild.
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“I feel like I’m walking on air right now. Like I took a big, cleansing breath and washed away years of blockages around my sexuality. I remember what it is like to feel alive and sensual and I can’t wait to flirt with the world…”

Berkeley, CA

This morning my wife and I had sex for the first time in almost 4 years, I think. A bit awkward, but very sweet. I would like to tell you more about it when I see you next, which I am already impatient to do."

San Francisco, CA

“I left with an incredible sense of empowerment! I highly recommend the course for anyone wanting to become confident with their inner goddess.”

Oakland, CA

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