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How to Date the Man You Want

You know the power and excitement you feel when you attract a man you really want – when he can’t keep his hands and eyes off of you. You can feel this power and excitement all the time! We have seen so many women move from a feeling of inadequacy, where they are trying to prove that they are good enough and extract a commitment to an experience of empowerment. Once you know what you want and what men want, you can date in an empowered way. You will be the one who is relaxed, choosing instead of proving, and men will fall in love with you and ask for the deeper commitment.

How to Attract a Man

Women spend excessive time, energy, and money trying to perfect their outer beauty, not realizing that the true basis of how to attract and get the man you want is your inner magnetism. Your attractiveness comes from connecting with your sensuality and knowing what you really want. We will help you feel and radiate confidence and your true inner beauty and sexiness all the time. Whether you are dancing, laughing, crying or kissing you can be and share your true self, the part that men will desire and fall in love with over and over again. Read about women’s common dating mistakes.

"I am doing great and just wanted to give you a small update. I just started seeing this man, who so far seems pretty amazing. Most importantly, I wanted to share with you some details 🙂

Before our first date, I was a bundle of nerves. Before he arrived, I went into my room where I have a full length mirror. I danced with myself, sensually, as we did in our first session together, to get reconnected to my sexuality again. I cherished every aspect of my body and knew it could drive him wild. I did this again before our second date. It really makes a difference. I have used the breathing techniques that we went through and when it came to being intimate, I was scared and excited all at once. I chose not to have intercourse with him that night but I did enjoy everything he was doing and maybe more importantly for me, was that I felt like a sex kitten when I began to explore him. I have never had that much confidence when I was with a man! I felt so in control and sexy and beautiful and I have you to thank for that.

I treasure our sessions together as they really helped me grow out of a space I was ready to leave and into my new space. Anyway, thought you might enjoy the update...stay tuned for more fun. Loads more practice needed but a VERY successful first attempt after years of nothing.

All my gratitude to you my beautiful sister!"

San Francisco, CA

Dating Advice and Practice

In our dating coaching, we will offer the best dating advice: stop selling yourself short. We will support you in trusting yourself and your intuition and exuding your inner glow. You can define what you need from a partner, understand what is and is not realistic to expect, learn to care for yourself in a way that invites others to do the same.

You Will

  • Connect with your glow and feel relaxed and confident so you attract men who are actually worth your time.
  • Learn to ask for what you want in a clear, loving way so he will trust you and be emotionally available.
  • Actively create experiences where you can surrender to your own passion and pleasure.
  • Discover your emotions, sexuality, and intuition as a reliable source for decision-making.
  • We offer you the opportunity for time with male therapists so you can overcome shyness, practice feminine seduction and get support and feedback about how you can be more attractive and confident.

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