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Drive Your Man Wild: Sexy Makeover

Drive your man wildDo you want to blow men’s minds sexually and leave them reminiscing and fantasizing about their time with you forever? When it comes to sex, women often think “men are easy”.

In some very shallow sense; it is true, most men have an orgasm during almost all of their sexual interactions. What women don’t realize is that there is so much more to the male psyche and male sexuality than just an orgasm AND that there are qualitatively different orgasms which range from “OK” to “OH MY GOD.”

Women who drive men wild are self-possessed women who understand pleasure in their own bodies and in men’s bodies as well. They know how to share their enthusiasm and have erotic energy and grace that magnetizes everyone who crosses their path. In this seven-hour sexy makeover (over 2-3 days) you will learn and practice techniques that make you the most confident, informed, sensual and sexy lover and transform into the magnetic sex goddess you were always meant to be!

What to Do Next:Start your transformation now!

  1. Book your Drive Your Man Wild Sexy Makeover.
  2. Read Cockfidence – in the 2nd half of the book you will find out “what’s on the menu” so you can find out what you like.
  3. Connect with your body and your desires with our audio breathwork session Awaken your Inner Sex Goddess.
  4. Buy a vibrator and begin using it.
  5. Become orgasmic, multi-orgasmic, and awaken your G-Spot.
  6. Read some exciting, in-depth success stories from our clients.


In sessions you will learn to:

  • Understand men and what they want
  • Connect with your true self and project your lusciousness and glow
  • Feel alive and attractive and magnetize the people you really want
  • Become a confident, enthusiastic, sensual and sexy lover

“The teaching style was excellent. You provided a safe, non-judgmental environment and that promoted a stress free learning environment.”

San Francisco, CA

“This courage allowed me to reconnect with my inner goddess. It awakened a part of me that was neglected and shoved way down.”

San Jose, CA

“I just had to tell you - I *just* ordered my first vibrator (okay, THREE!) online - a Magic Wand, a water-proof Rabbit *and* a mini Pearl Drop! Hooray!!!! :-) I'm going to stop by Good Vibrations this week too just for some "window-shopping" but it was fun to do this for me - and my pussy! - today.... THANKS for helping to inspire me to get over my silly inhibitions and fears and to do what will bring me pleasure and joy in this life - What a blessed thing!

San Francisco, CA

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