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Address Sexual Dysfunction

How to Orgasm

In our sex therapy and coaching practice, we daily come across a huge variety of sexual dysfunction in women. Come talk to us if you’re experiencing any of the below issues or want to learn how to orgasm:


Pain During Sex, Pelvic Pain or Vaginal Pain

If you have pain during sex, it can make you feel not interested in having sex at all. You may continue to have sex because your partner wants it and this can lead to resentment, low sexual desire, and sexless relationships. Pelvic pain and vaginal pain can begin as your body’s way of saying no to something it doesn’t want due to past trauma, abuse or boundary challenges. At the same time, the source of the pain can also be physiological. We will help you discover the underlying cause and will look at all possible options for treatment. We will help you and your partner communicate about it and learn how to have the most pleasurable, pain-free sex possible so you can have a fulfilling sex life no matter what.

Learn How to Orgasm

Some women have never experienced an orgasm or enjoy orgasms while self-pleasuring but do not experience them with a partner. Others female orgasm once, but have never experienced multiple orgasms during a sexual encounter. And some women have not had the pleasure of experiencing the different kinds orgasms available to them including clitoral, G spot, cervical and combination orgasms. Every woman can learn how to orgasm and every woman can have multi-dimensional orgasms. Through short-term and highly effective sex therapy sessions we will help you learn to experience the full pleasure potential of your body and help you expand your enjoyment and satisfaction either with a partner or alone.

"I now officially love vibrators and am going to tell everyone who will listen - I had the best sex of my life last night - I pulled out that Hitachi, proud as a new mother! – Thank you so much for helping feel powerful with my sexuality.

Foster City, CA

Awaken your G Spot

Every woman can experience intense sexual pleasure through G spot stimulation. G spot stimulation can be profoundly pleasurable, emotional and orgasmic, and can result in ejaculation. You may have tried G spot stimulation before with little sensation. This is because awakening the G spot can take time, focus and technique. With some individual sex coaching, however, you can awaken your G spot. You can experience the intense and satisfying orgasms that happen when you unlock this center of power in your body.

Explore Female Ejaculation

Once your G spot is awakened, you can learn about the pleasure, intensity, and release of female ejaculation. The highly erotic sensation of female ejaculation can be learned, and men and women alike are mesmerized by the beauty and power of the experience.

In our Sex Therapy and Coaching sessions you will:

  • Overcome sexual dysfunction
  • Learn how to orgasm
  • Explore your full orgasmic potential
  • Learn how to work around pain to create pleasurable sexual experiences
  • Discover what really turns you on, your Hottest Sexual Movie and teach your partner how to give it to you
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Prepare for your session:
– Read our book Making Love Real
– Listen to our audio breathwork Awaken your Inner Sex Goddess

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