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Sex Shutdown? Are hard times making you go soft?

low sex marriage

With all that is going on in the world today, government shutdown and a challenging economy affecting your daily life and livelihood, it might be tough to get in the mood. Being a man in our culture is so tied up with being a good provider, when that’s in jeopardy your confidence can plummet like a bad day in the market. We know it can be hard to get it up when you’re down and the combination of feeling the pressure to provide and to be a great lover can be overwhelming. So listen up, men, we have an important message for you: It’s not what you do that makes us desire you, it is who you are! Having a hard-on is not the only way to have mind-blowing sex and the tough times are when you need touch, love, sex and connection more than anything. Please don’t stop reaching out – tell your sweetheart how you are doing, let them in, ask for what you need and let yourself connect with your partner no matter what your body is doing. Intimacy and the hormones released from sexual connection can remind you that you are still wonderful, even in the tough times!

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