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Playing Dress Up

playing dress up as mermaid

We don’t know about you boys – but we can tell you one game many of us girls played as kids was a game called Dress Up. Playing Dress Up meant donning our favorite fairy princess dress or sequined tutu, adding a little imagination and we were in for hours of entertainment.

As sex and intimacy coaches, we always say, “Sex is where adults go to play”. Why not use the summer warmth of June as inspiration to play your own adult game of Dress Up?

Dress Up can have many meanings, everything from brushing off that tux and evening gown and having a romantic candle-lit dinner at home. Or remembering the joys of playing doctor – except this time you can go get yourself a lab coat, some black vinyl gloves and a thermometer and keep track as temperatures rise.

What did you always want to be when you grew up? A fireman? A flight attendant? An astronaut? It’s not too late, at least not the in bedroom. Find yourself a fireman’s hat and you are half-way there. If you are lucky, the hat’s all you’ll need!

If your coupled, play with a partner. If you are single, try dressing up and trying out a new persona out in the world – you may find a whole new sense of confidence!

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