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Making time for a sex date

couple at sunset

Sometimes when we suggest that people make a sex date with themselves or their sweethearts, they say, “but that sounds forced, shouldn’t it just be spontaneous?” That’s what they say until they actually try it. Once they try they say, “I can’t believe how wonderful it was to set aside a full evening for sex and sensuality. I felt relaxed, open, and like I could fully dive in and enjoy myself.” We suggest you try a sex date with your self or your sweetheart. Make sure that you take a little bit of time to plan the date, try a new toy or outfit or place you haven’t been sexual before and take a few minutes to connect through breath, eye gazing or telling yourself or each other some sweet or sexy thoughts. Make this little bit of extra effort and watch how your days are filled with passion and how time melts away between your thighs.

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