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Embodied Pick-Up

embodied pick up (1)

Picking up women can be a real challenge, and men are trying to figure out what to say – as if finding the right topic will be like a magic pill helping both you and she relax. However, studies have shown that it matters very little what you say, just initiating a talk puts you way above the pack. But we also wanted to expand on this and give you a simple tool to really help you draw women in. The idea is to “contact” her emotions or the emotional content of what she is saying.

The steps are simple, but may not be easy 🙂 especially if you are not used to paying attention to (or registering) what the emotions that are going on in another person. Here they are:

1) Breathe down and connect with your body
2) Notice what you are feeling (happy, tired, excited, sad, anxious, etc.), giving it room and allowing it to be there. The more you are in touch with yourself and your emotions, the more you can read hers.
3) Begin a conversation with a woman. You might invite her in some way to talk about things of interest to her, “So what are you passionate about?” or “What get’s you out of bed in the morning,” or “Where’s your favorite place to play in this city?”
4) Once she begins to share any stories about her life, goals, experiences, notice how she feels about what she is sharing and comment on it, “Sounds, exciting,” “That really moves you, huh?”, “Kinda depressing, right?”.

This way she knows you are not only listening to her story, you are competent in the emotional realm. If you don’t have a lot of emotional words to choose from, try googling emotion words, there are tons of great lists out there and knowing them might just help you express yourself in more exciting and interesting ways as well.

Good luck out there!

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They say its hard to fake sincerity 😉 but these sound like really simple methods to engage. I was looking for some clues to how to proceed, having been out of the hunting party for some time. Thanks! Oh, one more question…when she starts responding favorably…what at the four tips to not extinguishing the flame I’m working so hard to keep lit?

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