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Expand Your Sexual Repertoire: The 3 Sexual Realms

There are many ways to explore sex and make it more hot, passionate, romantic, physically stimulating and psychologically arousing. In order to start exploring all of the different ways you might expand, it is helpful to have a map to understand the different realms in which it is possible to play. The 3 Realms are Sensation, Partner Connection and Fantasy/Role-Play. We love to help individuals and couples identify their favorite realm and explore and expand in all of these realms to create a long-term excitement and sexual satisfaction.

One amazing place couples can expand in their sexual relationship is through exploring the wide range of sensations that are available to our body. Often, we limit the sensations to the ones we know and are comfortable with and focus most of our stimulation on overtly sexual parts of our bodies instead of finding all of the e

rogenous zones (which are constantly shifting and changing throughout our lives and throughout each of our sexual experiences). Sensation play can include erotic massage, explore female and male G-Spot pleasure, bringing in toys, playing with pain/pleasure thresholds and so much more.

Partner Connection
Partner Connection is the realm that we most commonly see portrayed in television and movies. It is all about desiring and connecting with another person. Expanding in this realm means learning how you want to be looked at, held, touched and spoken to in ways that represents your mutual feelings about and towards one another. These feelings may be romantic or passionate and couples often feel uncomfortable asking for exactly what they want in this realm because they expect the other person to know or do it naturally. This causes a lot of unnecessary pain, as it is possible to learn how you and your partner want to be connected with sexually.


Fantasy/Role-Play is the realm where you get to step out of your day-to-day identity and try on some other ways of being. You might play a specific character like a doctor or a teacher or you might just see what it feels like to take on a dominant or submissive persona. Having sex in this realm can also mean thinking about your own fantasies, sharing those fantasies with a partner during sex, or whispering a fantasy that you know your partner will love into their ear. Bringing in fantasies and fantasy play can be a fun way to boost sexual arousal and a healthy part of a balanced se
We encourage everyone who is exploring their sexual connection to find out what is in sex for them in ALL of these realms, even the one’s that seem scary and we’d love to help!x life.