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Sex Therapy Homework Exercises – Audio Downloads

We have some sex therapy homework exercises for you!

The audio download collection below addresses some of the most common and sought-after problems we see in our daily practice, and offers result-focused exercises in a fun and easy format.

For men, the offered audio classes teach you how to deal with and overcome psychological erectile dysfunction, how to master your staying power and control ejaculation, as well as boost your confidence by connecting with your erotic energy.

For women, we offer a breathwork audio class that teaches you to embrace your sensuality and project irresistible sexual magnetism.

These sex therapy homework exercises are a great fit for you if you:

  • are looking to work on sexual dysfunction or confidence issues from the comfort of your home
  • as a home-based exercise while working with us in our sex therapy practice
  • or if you don’t have the kind of time and focus available that reading a book generally requires


Erectile Dysfunction Audio Download: Face Your Psychological Erectile Dysfunction Now!

Overcome Psychological Erectile Dysfunction and explore techniques to enhance our hard on in this audio download. Become a connected lover and experience the heights of enjoyment that are possible when you overcome performance anxiety! Read more

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Audio Download - Control Premature Ejaculation

Control Ejaculation Audio Download – Two Hour Long Teleclass Recording and a Worksheet

Master the staying power techniques used by thousands of good lovers through this easy and affordable audio download and take your sexual life and relationships to the next level. Read more

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Audio Download - Boost Your Sexual Confidence

Boost Your Sexual Confidence – Breathwork Therapy Session for Men

Activate and connect with your erotic energy to boost confidence, expand your personal power, increase your sexual control and project sexual magnetism.

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Audio Download - Awaken your Inner Sex Goddess

Awaken your Inner Sex Goddess – Breathwork Therapy Session for Women

Connect with your erotic energy and desire. Embrace your sensuality, intuition and project your sexual magnetism.

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