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Why Relationships Fail and What You Can Do!

relationship fail

Whether you are in a relationship or in the process of looking for a relationship that really works for you, it is important to know why they fail and what you can do about it! There are many reasons why relationships fail, from being in the vortex and activating each other’s old wounds to following social habits and learning that cause us to hide our true selves. At the end of the day, we see some very harmful patterns between men and women that cause relationships to melt down. For women, often relationships fail because you don’t know what it is you really want from your partner or, if you do, you don’t ask clearly. If this goes on long enough, you end up resentful and frustrated and take it out on your partner. For men, often relationships fail because you are trying to pretend to be something you are not, the perfect boyfriend, husband, father or man, instead of admitting your true needs and your own challenges. If this goes on long enough, you end up defensive and are driven to get your needs met elsewhere. While some women have a more male approach and some men have a more female approach, these destructive patterns usually are the ruination of relationships. Women, get in touch with your own desires, explore any negative patterns and habits you have that are relationship killers and make the commitment to clearly and honestly share your needs in a constructive way. We are here to help you overcome any fears you have about doing so! Men, it is time to get really honest with yourself and with your partner – what makes you excited and passionate in your life, what are your struggles – it is time to start sharing all of this, even if there are things you think your partner may not want to hear. It is also important to learn how to share constructively! A great way to start is by reading Cockfidence and then attending our next Cockfidence Workshop.

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I’m a normal, handsome, ambitions guy that attracts a certain kind of woman. My problem is that in the bedroom I want her to be dominant. I have lost many relationships when I have asked women to try being more sexually dominant with me. The main thing is I want my wife or girlfriend to take control of my sexuality by locking me up in a male chastity cage. I know that’s a turn-on for lots of women, but those women don’t seem to be attracted to my aggressive, daytime personality, so to speak. I am so afraid of being rejected now that I have a hard time telling the women I date about my fantasies. I wish more women out there knew about male chastity and accepted it as an OK thing for couples to enjoy.

How far into the relationship until you usually tell her about your fantasies because for women timing is everything. If you tell us to soon it could be a big turn off. Just because we think that your just interested in us for sex. But if you wait a while until you are in a strong, firm long lasting relationship with someone and make sure you trust one another completely and then tell her then I would guess she would be all for it. Because when your in a long lasting committed relationship with someone the goal is to make your partner happy because in return that will make you happy. So you are more willing to fulfill each others complete needs or desires. It all stems from love. Hope that helps and didn’t seem to confusing.

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