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Our Upcoming Book – Conclusion

Cover of sex therapy book Cockfidence

Each week, we post on our blog a portion of a chapter in our upcoming book for men, Cockfidence – The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild. Cockfidence shares the 9 qualities that allow men to reclaim their sense of power and freedom, understand and express their sexual desires, and drive women wild sexually.  This is the last entry before we have Sensualité, our book launch party at 111 Minna in SF — /party.html — where there will be fun and sexy performances, dancing, and a few surprises including our new, wonderful book.  We will have many copies on hand for sale.  So, here our book sneak-peek concludes with an invitation to integrate the 9 Qualities and living a full, fearless life.

— Live your Life Fully and Fearlessly —
By living your life fully and fearlessly, you now have the power to choose to create experiences for yourself and with others that give you the most pleasure, satisfaction and inspiration. By focusing on yourself and letting go of perfection, you find acceptance for who you are and bring curiosity and appreciation to your partner. By continuing to live life through the 9 Qualities of an Extraordinary Lover, you emerge every day as the most magnetic, exciting, powerful manifestation of yourself.

In addition, you have learned how to love women authentically from the depth of who you are. Many men say that they love women. More than any words you might say, it is the actions you take that show whether you are compatible with an amazing woman and able to inspire your partner to her greatest strengths. On this pathway, you have learned to experience women with empathy and support. Your ability to dive in and connect – without merging and clinging, and without holding back and resenting – is the evidence of love.

When you love women and desire them in every moment and with all of your heart and soul, when you can love women as they are, whether they are joyful, sad, excited or angry, you have transcended the fear that women tend to inspire in men. When you fully love and accept women, you see them as people with a purpose, as equals, as powerful agents of change, and as an inspiration. You invite women to be their whole selves because their bigness does not threaten you or make you feel small. Through living the 9 Qualities, you can be with a woman from a place of power and bravery, a place of true Cockfidence.

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Hi! Thanks for your site! Honestly I have never read anything that interesting.

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