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Our Upcoming Book – Chapter 1


This week we offer you a sneak peek at Chapter 1 in our upcoming book for men, in which we help men learn the 9 qualities that you must possess in order to reclaim your sense of power, understand and express your sexual desires, drive women wild sexually and maintain your personal sense of freedom.  Presence is the first quality and the first chapter:

—– Chapter 1 – Presence —–

Picture an animal who is trying to mate and who is standing before the object of his desires. He is not awkwardly planning or worrying about the last time she flew, galloped or ran away. He is fully in his own body, connected unequivocally with his sexual arousal in the present moment. He feels every breath, every twitch, every subtle signal of his potential mate. As he reads these signals, he begins a dance that will eventually bring him to his goal. If he splits his attention away from this desire or loses connection with the recipient of his desires, he will quickly miss the opportunity before him. Staying fully present to his erotic desire and attuned creates his only opportunity for success.

Your power, your confidence and your sexual interactions with women depend on you being in the moment in your erotic body (and eventually reading a woman’s queues and responding to them in the moment with your body, not your head). In contrast, planning ahead or trying to come up with the perfect words is an oblivious, detached place to be. This state of detachment is part of what women mean when they say men are “emotionally unavailable”.  When you are in your head, you are distanced from your own sensation and connection with yourself and from potential moments of erotic energy exchange. When you are in your body, you can feel desire coursing through your body and you will be able to generate and read desire in women.

Knowing what you want or connecting with another person does not come from disembodied heads. Knowing yourself and being fully with someone else comes from a deep connection with your body. If you spend your life in your head planning and worrying about the future or reliving or regretting the past, then you never get to know who you are and what you want and you never really connect with another person sexually or interpersonally. In this section, you will begin the journey into living from your own body and knowing your own desires.


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