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Confidence, Confidence, Confidence


The core of self-connection for men is confidence. Many men have dealt with rejection or have been unsure about how to connect to women in whom they are truly interested. They give themselves negative messages that hinder their confidence and their willingness to take risks that will move them towards arousing and fulfilling connections. We invite you to begin to change those negative messages by getting less in your mind and more in your body and connecting your deepest passions and desires, your cock and and your gut to your actions in the outside world. One way to gain this deeper sense of confidence and connection is to spend a few minutes a day (and especially before trying to connect with a woman) doing the breathing techniques and exercises found in our articles Erotic Breathplay and Conscious Self-Exploration (you can download it at: /shopping.html).

You can also expand on this confidence in Become an Extraordinary Lover Levels 1, 2, and 3, we teach you how to walk in the world knowing that you possess the 7 qualities of an Extraordinary Lover.

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Thank you Celeste and Danielle,
It is great that you are bringing this awareness to men. I might add that although confidence when approaching a woman is essential, the depth of confidence is essential when dealing with any setback. How one deals with a “no” or a “not now” is dependent on the depth of confidence.

Can you still approach your partner with love and affection even if she has been distant and busy earlier in the day? Do you let her moods and upsets distract you from feeling and expressing love? This stability is given by the depth of confidence.

I have participated in the Extraordinary Lover series, and I can assure you that having hands on experience and listening to a number of women explain how they work and what they want is a fantastic way to increase confidence in navigating the different moods and needs of my partner. Thanks!

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