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Thanks to our amazing colleagues over at Better Sex Ed for this wonderful review of Cockfidence! Keep up the great work ladies!!!

Cockfidence  by Celeste Hirschman and Danielle Harel, is probably one of the best books for guys that want to genuinely improve their confidence (in and out of the bedroom) and the way they interact with women. It is a practical book that goes far beyond just giving sex tips; it shows men how they can be true to themselves and be amazing lovers at the same time.” Read more .

Having a little bit of fun this week with our book Cockfidence – The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild. We used this nifty tool that allows you to paste in any content and transform it into a beautiful image of a word map. The way word maps work is that they will put more visual emphasis on words that repeat more often or are more prevalent in the chosen text. We were curious to see what pasting in our entire book would result in. Here it is for your enjoyment; our book Cockfidence, condensed down to one word map. See what you will learn about when you read it in a quick glance…

We recently launched our book Cockfidence – The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild, a straightforward guide that will show you how to attract sexual desire from women and bring them to the heights of their erotic and orgasmic potential. You will find your personal power, clarify who you are and what you want in your life, and have mind-blowing sex and passionate connections with women.

For the next few weeks we will post excerpts of our book here.  We are convinced you will enjoy this preview so much that you will order your own copy!

Enjoy week one!



In our practice, we meet men who want to be themselves and understand what women want sexually and interpersonally. We have so much compassion for men; men and women are very different and it can be very confusing to try to figure out what women want. In the process of connecting with women, there are many stumbling blocks that may pull you out of your center. These include hiding your sexual desire for fear of rejection; misunderstanding women, their emotions and their desires; or fearing that connecting with a woman in any way means making a commitment, even if you aren’t ready.

There is an art to becoming the kind of man who claims his own desires and satisfies a woman’s deepest longings. This book teaches you the secret connection between stepping into your power and igniting a woman’s desire. The secret is found in your connection with your sexual energy and we call this connection Cockfidence.

This book is for all men whether single, dating, in a relationship or married; it also for all women who want to support the men in their lives and learn about their own sexuality. For a man who is single or dating, Cockfidence means you approach women with ease and playfulness and attract them with sincerity, not deception. You are also confident in your sexual desire and know you’ve got what it takes to please them sexually. For men in a new relationship, Cockfidence means knowing your partner wants you. You also know how to create a safe space where your partner can open up to you and give all of herself, sexually and emotionally. For men in long-term relationship or married men, Cockfidence means that, once the honeymoon period is over and the hormones are fading, you know how to keep seduction and creativity alive. You also leave room for growth and change in your sex life and your relationship. Finally, this book is for women who want to better understand themselves and their partner and support him in growing his Cockfidence.

The relationship between your power and freedom and women’s sexual desire (and her own freedom and power) is complex. There are no books or experts out there who lay it all out in one place. There are pieces about how to be a good technical lover and how to pick up and bed women, and some even touch on long-term relationships with women. Others cover masculine power or uncovering the mystery of women, but no book has brought all of these aspects together in one short, straight-forward and practical manual. Until now.

Each week, we post on our blog a portion of a chapter in our upcoming book for men, Cockfidence – The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild. Cockfidence shares the 9 qualities that allow men to reclaim their sense of power and freedom, understand and express their sexual desires, and drive women wild sexually.  This is the last entry before we have Sensualité, our book launch party at 111 Minna in SF — /party.html — where there will be fun and sexy performances, dancing, and a few surprises including our new, wonderful book.  We will have many copies on hand for sale.  So, here our book sneak-peek concludes with an invitation to integrate the 9 Qualities and living a full, fearless life.

— Live your Life Fully and Fearlessly —
By living your life fully and fearlessly, you now have the power to choose to create experiences for yourself and with others that give you the most pleasure, satisfaction and inspiration. By focusing on yourself and letting go of perfection, you find acceptance for who you are and bring curiosity and appreciation to your partner. By continuing to live life through the 9 Qualities of an Extraordinary Lover, you emerge every day as the most magnetic, exciting, powerful manifestation of yourself.

In addition, you have learned how to love women authentically from the depth of who you are. Many men say that they love women. More than any words you might say, it is the actions you take that show whether you are compatible with an amazing woman and able to inspire your partner to her greatest strengths. On this pathway, you have learned to experience women with empathy and support. Your ability to dive in and connect – without merging and clinging, and without holding back and resenting – is the evidence of love.

When you love women and desire them in every moment and with all of your heart and soul, when you can love women as they are, whether they are joyful, sad, excited or angry, you have transcended the fear that women tend to inspire in men. When you fully love and accept women, you see them as people with a purpose, as equals, as powerful agents of change, and as an inspiration. You invite women to be their whole selves because their bigness does not threaten you or make you feel small. Through living the 9 Qualities, you can be with a woman from a place of power and bravery, a place of true Cockfidence.

Each week, we post on our blog a portion of a chapter in our upcoming book for men, Cockfidence – The Extraordinary Lover’s Guide to Being the Man You Want to Be and Driving Women Wild. Cockfidence shares the 9 qualities that allow men to reclaim their sense of power and freedom, understand and express their sexual desires, and drive women wild sexually.  Sensuality is the ninth quality and the ninth chapter – here is a small taste:

— Chapter 9 – Sensuality —

G-Spot Orgasms:

Some people say that women reach their sexual peak at 40. While this is not hormonally accurate, we believe this might be particularly true for women who discover G-Spot pleasure later in life. G-Spot stimulation can add a whole new level of pleasure to your partner’s sex life, substantially increasing her orgasmic potential.

The most important piece of information that you and your partner need to know about the G-Spot is that its capacity for sensation develops throughout a woman’s lifetime. Some women believe that they don’t have a G-Spot because, when the area is touched, they don’t feel immediate sensation or arousal. They may even feel some irritation. This just means that the G-Spot has not yet been developed to its full potential. To awaken the G-Spot, you need to massage it and give it focused stimulation over time.

For a small percentage of women, the G-Spot develops early and is naturally where they feel a lot of sensation. However, for many women, the G-Spot has not yet been developed and it can take weeks or sometimes even a year of consistent stimulation for a woman to feel pleasure from it. Unfortunately, because many women have been told that the G-Spot is a myth, when they feel numbness or irritation from G-Spot stimulation, they give up and don’t explore the potential pleasure that is there for them.

Here we will detail locating and massaging techniques for the G-Spot, and bringing your partner’s entire body along for the ride….

We just answered a message we found on a Men’s Health blog and wanted to share it with you.

Q: My wife and I want to spice things up, but she says she doesn’t have any fantasies she wants to fulfill. Is that possible?

A: We have found that women often freeze up in response to questions about fantasies. In answer to your question about how to spice up your sex life and find out more about women’s fantasies we’d like to offer you an excerpt from our upcoming book – Cockfidence – “Each woman has her own ideal seduction ‘movie’ – an assortment of thoughts about the kind of seduction that she wants to experience with her partner. Many women have daydreams about how they want their relationships with men to look, and what kinds of looks, words, acts, and gestures would fill their hearts and wet their pussies, but they often don’t identify these thoughts as fantasies because they are not overtly sexual. This is especially true for women whose ideal seduction fantasy is Romantic.”

Women’s fantasies of seduction generally fall into one or a combination of 3 categories – Romantic, Passionate, and Dominant – which we cover in depth in the upcoming book. To get a better answer to your question about your partner’s fantasy, try asking a woman what her perfect date would look like from beginning to end – this should give you plenty of hints into her ideal seduction.

We continue our blog-per-week from a chapter in our upcoming book for men. This book holds the 9 qualities that allow men to reclaim their sense of power and freedom, understand and express their sexual desires, and drive women wild sexually.  Spontaneity, (or the combination of  creativity and Flexibility) is the eight quality and the eight chapter – here is a small taste:

— Chapter 8 – Spontaneity —

Nothing captures the idea of the passionate seduction more than the passionate kiss, depicted in so many movies by this time it might look cliché to you, but it doesn’t look or feel cliché to woman. It is important to begin with a passionate look, letting all of the animalistic desire come in to yours eyes and hold it before jumping right into a kiss. If you go too quickly to the kiss, you don’t allow any tension and excitement to build. When you wait, you allow yourself and her to build into a frenzy of desire where you can’t rip each other’s clothes off fast enough. Make sure you aren’t spilling your passion all over her; at the beginning, hold it in your eyes, and invite her energy to come to you. When you feel she is locked in, then set your inner animal free.

There are some common pitfalls with passion. You may fear that desiring women in this way is objectifying and that she will feel like you only want her for sex. On the contrary, being desired intensely is one of the most common fantasies women have. At the same time, she also wants to know that you are connected to her. You do this by bringing in eye contact, saying her name passionately, or commenting specifically on the things that drive you crazy about her.

You may also fear that bringing this kind of energy will overwhelm a woman as though women are delicate and easily broken. This could cause you to hold back your passion, especially if you feel that you have too much or that it will not be received. On the contrary, most women’s bodies are strong enough to receive all the passion you have in your body for her and more. She may be surprised by it at first, which is why it takes confidence to stay with the feeling and not allow her embarrassment or surprise to pull you both out of it. Instead, with your passionate look and your focused confidence, you pull her into the hottest experiences you have ever had.