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Our Upcoming Book – Sneak Peek!

Starting with an excerpt from our introduction and then adding a sneak peek from a chapter each week, we will “expose” our upcoming book for men on how to have great sex, build powerful connections with women, and maintain lasting freedom while doing so.  Sound impossible or contradictory? It’s not – all three need to exist simultaneously, or it does not work.  How? Well, that’s what our book will show you! Here’s a little bit of our introduction:

As empowered, sexual women, we want to live in a world full of men who can express their power and their passion. We want to live in a world in which we can be received, and where women who may have made themselves small can grow fully again with a partner that can receive them. Because of this, we are willing to break the secret code of women. Very few women out there will tell you that they are excited by your freedom because they are also frightened of it. There is a part of them that always feels insecure and challenged by it. It is exactly this slightly unsettled feeling that causes us to respect, desire and want to fuck you over and over again. Complete certainty that you will do what we expect you to may give us a false sense of security, but it also breeds boredom and contempt. Our excitement is inspired by your tenacious commitment to who you are and what you want.

The relationship between your power and freedom and women’s sexual desire (and her own freedom and power) is complex. There are no books or experts out there who lay it all out in one place. There are pieces about how to be a good technical lover and how to pick up and bed women, and some even touch on long-term relationships with women. Others cover masculine power or uncovering the mystery of women, but no book has brought all of these aspects together in one short, straight-forward and practical manual. Until now.

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